A world of benefits: Working with HARTMANN

We know people. We put them at the heart of everything we do. We understand what they value and why it is important to them.  We offer a world of benefits.  We share some of them here and offer you a flavour of what it is like working with us.

We simply care about people

When people are your focus, and you care about them as much as we do, there is no separation between external and internal. We simply care about people – inside and out. 

Our customers, be they benefiting in a professional or personal capacity, trust us with the most important thing in life… health.

But more than 11,000 colleagues worldwide also entrust us to create a thriving working environment.  One filled with meaningful work. One filled with purpose-led professionals. One filled with generours opportunities to innovate and progress.

Is HARTMANN your professional match?

There is no room at HARTMANN for the mediocre, mundane and meaningless because our work matters too much. But if you want to:

  • be a part of a global, leading business
  • work in partnership with like-minded, purpose-led professionals, and
  • make a real difference through your work  

then HARTMANN may well be the professional place for you.

Want to know what awaits you at HARTMANN? Then find more information about some of our benefits below...

What's in it for you?

People place

Wherever you work in the world with HARTMANN, you will always get a smile and a friendly “hello”. We build real relationships and trusted partnerships across corridors, categories, channels and countries. 

We value the diverse perspectives our colleagues worldwide bring. Indeed we know harnessing these differences make us stronger – they have enabled us to become a leading international healthcare company.

Culture with you in mind

Ours is a high-performance, customer-orientated and passionate culture. That is in our DNA for more than 200 years. The outcome? Safer, more effective surgeries and wound treatments. These qualities live on to this day.

But just as we constantly look for ways to improve healthcare, we continuously look for ways to improve our workplace culture. We invite our colleagues globally to share their reflections of working with us. These ‘Voices of HARTMANN’ help guide our actions as we continue to create a culture where everyone thrives.    

Healthy life - balanced life

Perhaps unsurprisingly, as a global leader delivering excellence in healthcare, we take the health of our colleagues seriously too. That is why at various locations we offer: 

  • Lunchtime yoga and other sportive activities
  • Company doctor and health checks
  • Cooperation with fitness clubs
  • Attractive ways of combining work and family life - working from home, mobile working and flexitime



Freedom to develop

If you are eager to take the initiative then HARTMANN is a place where you can go further. As a stable, growing, global group of companies we offer abundant progression and professional development opportunities – all you have to do is grab them. 

Our professionals have the freedom to grow their careers by following traditional and non-linear paths. You don’t necessarily have to move up to professionally progress with us.  You can stretch or segway sideways, develop in various directions, specialise as an expert in a certain field, or master a management or leadership role.

Leadership legacy

If you are a leader, or an aspiring one, then HARTMANN is a place you can flourish, leave your positive footprint, and be handsomely recognised and rewarded for shaping our future success.

As a global healthcare solutions leader, we need confident leaders who can inspire, develop and empower teams to deliver ambitious creativity. You will embody and encourage our values by creating and leading passionate, customer-orientated and high performance teams.  You will have the ability to see and share our vision, win hearts and minds and translate strategy into reality to deliver excellence.

What else?

HARTMANN offers a world of possibilities, opportunities and benefits. And just to share some further insights: 

  • Our well equipped offices with on-site /near-site parking and canteens make daily working life comfortable
  • Some of our locations even offer a furnished apartment for your first six months
  • And all the usual suspects you’d expect from a leading employer, we offer as well - pension, insurances, staff discounts/offers, company car etc



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